Endowment Campaign

You are invited to invest in the future of justice and diversity in our community by participating in the King County Bar’s 125th Anniversary Endowment Campaign.

Who benefits from your investment in the 125th Anniversary Endowment Campaign?

  • Vulnerable and at-risk members in our community
  • Families facing homelessness when they are wrongfully evicted
  • Grandparents who want to adopt their abandoned grandchildren
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • People suffering from HIV/AIDS who need legal assistance
  • Academically talented minority students who face financial barriers to pursuing a career in the law
Everyone Benefits

Equal Justice is a fundamental principal of democracy. Our laws guarantee basic rights and protections for all of us - not just those who can afford a lawyer. As cited in a recent report by the American Bar Association, lawyers and judges have a unique responsibility for sustaining a political system with broad participation by all its citizens. A diverse bar and bench create greater trust in the mechanisms of government and the rule of law.