Investment in Justice and Diversity Makes a Difference - Thank You!

Platinum Level ($100,000+)
  • Estate of Anita Moceri
  • William H. Neukom and Sally Neukom

Diamond Level ($25,000-$49,999)
  • James L. Austin, Jr. and Lesley K. Austin
  • Diana K. Carey
  • Stew Cogan and Nona Hasegawa
  • Stephen E.
  • DeForest
  • Lucy L. Helm
  • Geoffrey G. Revelle
  • Brad L. Smith and Kathy Surace-Smith
  • Scott A. Smith
  • David A. Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard

Ruby Level ($10,000-$24,999)
  • Mark Fordham
  • Andy Guy
  • Donald B. Scaramastra and Elizabeth Anne Vaughan
  • Harry H. Schneider and Gail P. Runnfeldt
  • David Strout and Linda J. Strout

Pearl Level ($5,000-$9,999)
  • Robert Alsdorf and Sarah Alsdorf
  • Joseph E. Bringman
  • Fred R. Butterworth and Ritajean Butterworth
  • The Honorable Ronald E. Cox and Jean E. Cox
  • Daniel J. Dunne and Layne Presho
  • Stephen C. Ellis and Helen Ellis
  • Sarah B. Eitelbach and David Eitelbach
  • Daniel Gandara and Jule Gandara
  • Karen F. Jones and Erik Rasmussen
  • Thomas E. Kelly
  • Rosa H. Kim and Bennet M. Wang
  • M. Colleen Kinerk and Daniel E. Kilpatric
  • Robert B. Mitchell
  • Andrew J. Prazuch
  • Steven R. Rovig and Brian C. Giddens
  • Michael S. Schechter
  • Adrianne Tollefesen (In memory of Edwin Tollefsen)
  • Nancy Williams
  • Benson D. Wong
  • Michael R. Wrenn
Gold Level ($1,000-$4,999)
  • Hon. Sharon S. Armstrong (Ret.)
  • Kathryn M. Battuello
  • M. Wayne Blair
  • Beth Barrett Bloom
  • The Honorable Charles S. Burdell, Jr. (Ret.) and T. Ryan Durkan
  • John M. Cary
  • John H. Chun and Elizabeth R. Baldwin
  • Theodore Collins
  • Derek D. Crick and Paige Crick
  • Marilee C. Erickson
  • Peter S. Ehrlichman
  • Joel M. Feldman
  • Paul S. Ficca
  • Thomas M. Fitzpatrick
  • Mark G. Honeywell
  • Felix G. Luna
  • J. Richard Manning
  • Megan E. McCloskey
  • Mary Jo Newhouse
  • Kathleen T. Petrich and George H. Petrich
  • Kerry Radcliffe
  • Marcella Fleming Reed
  • John R. Ruhl and Melanie A. Ruhl
  • James A. Smith, Jr.
  • Mary Anne Vance
  • Richard J. Wallis
  • Christopher B. Wells
  • The Honorable Thomas S. Zilly and Jane Noland

Silver Level (Up to $999)
  • Marc A. Boman
  • Anne M. Daly
  • Pamela Grinter and John Grinter
  • Joanie Y. Kim
  • Prof. John L. McKay
  • Karen Murray
  • Llewelyn G. Pritchard
  • John A. Seethoff and Dorcy Seethoff
  • The Honorable Michael S. Spearman and The Honorable Mariane C Spearman
  • Hon. Michael J. Trickey and Louis D. Trickey

Thank you to the 125th Anniversary Endowment Campaign Leadership

  • Kathryn M. Battuello
  • Harry H. Schneider, Jr.
Steering Committee
  • James L. Austin, Jr.
  • Honorable Charles S. Burdell, Jr (Ret.)
  • K. Carey
  • Stephen DeForest
  • Stephen C. Ellis
  • Mark Fordham
  • Daniel Gandara
  • Thomas E. Kelly
  • M. Colleen Kinerk
  • Mary Jo Newhouse
  • Andrew Prazuch
  • Geoffrey Revelle
  • Benson D. Wong